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In quest for the source of Swedish Classicism, Kvänum Real Classic found itself in the lush 18th century, a period of unprecedented cultural blooming in our history.

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real classic karleby

Colour Rock

You need not travel far. Stora Ek in our parts of County Västergötland is one of the loveliest and best kept mansions in Sweden from the 18th century, a little castle on the threshold between the ornamented Rococo and the austere neoclassical era. This site served as a huge inspiration when we created our new Classic kitchen.

The manor itself dates back to the 15th century. Among the listed owners were nobility and royalty like King Karl XIV Johan. Today's mansion with wings, court and park were built in the 1760s by the Sheffer brothers, both Counts. Drawings and plans were signed by architects Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz and Jean Eric Rehn who also was a prestigious patternmaker. The kingdom's most skilled and experienced artisans and craftsmen took part.

Later Adelcrantz was appointed Superintendent of the Royal Castles, and led the work with building a new royal palace in Stockholm, a gigantic project that fuelled the Swedish 18th century cultural boom. 

Under his supervision Lejonbacken on the north façade was finished with its vigilante lions cast in bronze. The entrance of Stora Ek is guarded by two lions in sandstone dreaming of days when free lions roamed the savannas of Västergötland.  

King Gustav III was a frequent guest at Stora Ek. In one of the rooms his notably simple bed is left; the monarch slept here, and gave his lever, the traditional morning audience on the bedside.

Stora Ek is presently undergoing a gentle restoration. Kvänum had the honour of delivering and decorating the new kitchen. It is now mounted and fit. A real Classic has come home.

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real classic karleby

Colour Almond

Real Classic is a kitchen of beauty and grace, evoking that lush 18th century atmosphere – Adelcrantz and Rehn, poets like Bellman and Kellgren who was a son of the county, Butterfly Winged and The New Creation, minuet and gavotte, the flickering flight of a lute and the blast of a trumpet, red wine with burnet and a newly-shot snipe.




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real classic karleby

Press kit

Download our Kvänum Real Classic Karleby-press kit, containing high resolution TIFF- and JPG-images featuring both Colour Rock and Colour Almond.

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